Read below what a selection of clients say about AGP Golf

“Had a few lessons already from Alan & Joe to try them out and see if they could improve my game. I found the guys friendly, easy to get along with and made me feel comfortable hitting the ball. They gave me great advice on certain issues with my game and the lessons are going well. Overall my game has improved a lot and there’s far less club tossing these days.” – Gary Hastie.

“My swing was all over the place and my putting had been on vacation all summer so I decided to get a few lessons to try an correct the anxiety within my game. After only a few lessons from Alan, the problems seem to be getting rectified and I feel a lot better with the scores I’m hitting.” – Gary Laing.

“It was always going to be difficult for any golf pro to perfect my signature Yoda driving technique as I’ve been taught by one of the best (Sandy Stephens). Having said that, Alan’s fined tuned my shot alignment with his Trackman 4 Studio and it’s working great and I can highly recommended Alan to other keen golfers.” – David Shakiri